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When Fighting Is All You know...A Journey From Grief To Victory

I’m long overdue for a moment of reflection. I last shared with you how lost I’ve been feeling, how uncertain I am in my own existence, and how unsure I’ve been in regards to my arrival here. Yet, I still haven’t committed to doing the work. So I thought now would be a good time to retrace my journey. …My thought process began with the reflection of prior birthday celebrations. That thought alone left me to quickly understand just how traumatic my life had been. I hope that you’ll journey with me. I ask that you make a conscious decision to set aside judgement and aim to view my journey from a lens of understanding.

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So Maybe I'm Clinically Depressed, But I Sure Am Happy To Meet You!

I’ve always known that some day I’d launch this blog. I assumed we’d meet under better circumstances, you and I. I’d imagine that I’d be sipping wine, I am, smiling at the glance of my children in the distance, and sharing my journey of woman, wife, mom, and entrepreneur. Instead I tilt my glass of pinot noir focusing on the soothing sound of my running bath water while trying to ignore the screeching cries of my 12 month old. I’m on the verge of mental and emotional collapse so I’ve transferred the burden of my toddlers onto my 10 year old. I pray she’s better equipped! I’m hiding, both literally and figuratively. I’m drowning in my sorrows. I should probably see someone professionally in regards to my current mental and emotional state. My current existence makes me feel uncomfortably overwhelmed.

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